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Friday, November 10, 2006

Care2 join an online community?

I've written before about nonprofits using MySpace and YouTube and other mass market social networking platforms. One of the complaints about these sites is that the users are not really there to look for volunteer or philanthropic opportunities. Most users are there for fun, networking, or just killing time.

What if I told you about an online community that was designed to link nonprofit organizations to people who are looking for action opportunities? Would you give that a try?

The site I'm referring to is - "the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference!"

Like most all social networking platforms, Care2 allows users to create personal profiles to share their interests, but here the focus is on activism. There are groups, much like MySpace, etc., but again the focus is on solving community problems. Most groups are user started, but many are created and moderated by nonprofit organizations.

Members also get involved through creating and signing online petitions, using Care2's sister site, Again, individuals can start petitions, or they can be sponsored by organizations. When organizations create petitions, they can also give the signer the chance to join their mailing lists.

Basic, individual memberships are free and open to all. Currently, there are about 6.6 million members. Many of the expanded features that are available to nonprofit organizations do carry a fee. But, if you consider the cost of direct mail or other advertising to get your message in front of 6.6 million self-described activists, it's probably a bargain.

Even without these fee-based add-ons, just being involved in group discussions as a regular member where you can talk about your organization, and how you're helping out, could be a great way to network and attract new supporters.

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  1. Care2 is a good site if you wish to sign petitions for good causes. However, it does have its "dark side" It seems to attract the lunatic fringe right wing, believe it or not. There are open discussions on forums with members giving other members advice about fire-arms, how to use them....and which would be the "right weapon for your needs". Conservatives clog the polls. It is an extremely depressing community.

  2. One more note about Care2. I actually received a death threat from a Care2 member. There are other activist sites that are more benign.

  3. Care2 is a shady organization. The discussions are controlled by nasty internet trolls. Care2 silences the voices of people who have genuine concerns and they allow the negative,rude, insult slinging trolls to do as they wish. Care2 is an unjust and hypocritical group who does not even condone free speech. They suspend good, decent people without explanation, and they allow venom slinging trolls to control the forums. Avoid Care2 and spread the word. They are a despicable group that unjustly silences good, caring people and prevents people from helping the needy.