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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Doing it the old fashioned way

Nancy Schwartz of the Getting Attention blog had a great and simple post the other day: Don't Forget to Call...

As Nancy points out, those of us who blog on nonprofit topics often get so hung up on pointing out new technologies and nifty tools for reaching more people, or different people, or doing it all quicker, that we often forget to point out the obvious: What we already know works.

In her blog, Nancy says, "I think phone calls have more impact than ever, just because so much communications goes on online."

Now, nobody likes to be hounded by phone or at home, which is why we like online communications. But, a well-timed "thank you" call can go a long way in surprising your donor with a personal touch that's so often missing today.

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  1. Ken,

    Thanks for reading, and for commenting. This post focus came to me after a day of way too many emails and email invites (hate those). Finally, a client called and I was so relieved to have a *complete* discussion with a finish, for the time being.

    Not only is a phone conversation refreshing, the nuances, rolls and ridges of the other's voice add richness to the interaction. More information about your donor, client or volunteer. More understanding. More connection.\

    All best,