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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More nonprofit video

About a year ago I wrote a post here called "A YouTube for Nonprofits?" about the site DoGooder TV from See 3 Media. I've recently been introduced to a new web site and production house focused on making videos for nonprofit causes: Charity Docs (dot org).

I've been very impressed with the short films I've seen on their demo site so far, and look forward to seeing more from them in the future. They see their mission as helping to connect worthy organizations to potential donors through exposure on the website and by creating a product (the video) that the organization can use in presentations, meetings, mailings, etc. Their fee for a produced video is $2,500.

Personally, I think these "Charity Docs", mini documentaries focusing on the human need and client's story more than just the organization, are a great idea. Too many of the nonprofit promo videos I've seen elsewhere focus too much on the agency and not enough on the cause. This is the type of storytelling that gets signatures on checks.

I'd like to hear from you now - Has your organization produced a video? If so, were you satisfied with it? How have you used it? Use the comment area below or send me an email telling about your experience.


  1. Ken, thanks for the mention again. Since you first wrote about us, there have been more than 300 nonprofit videos added to DoGooderTV. In addition, we have launched a Facebook application -- allowing people to get a daily DoGooder video in their Facebook profile. In addition, we have created a video contest hosting platform, allowing nonprofits to have a turn-key way to solicit user-generated content.

    And at See3 we have been responsible for some terrific production of our own, including work for Columbia College, Loyola University, Amnesty International, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Chicago Foundation for Women and others.

    What you said about the story made me think of this piece we did about arts education.

  2. Although they are getting the message out for these organizations, the technical quality of the videos on charity docs is pretty poor.

    For broadcast-quality production work, that will actually get these nonprofit videos in front of an audience, i'd recommend

  3. There is a brand new site coming out that is engaging and should take off more than DoGooder.

    GoodTube( is a video sharing site for non-profit organizations, volunteers and humanitarians alike. We are dedicated to giving a voice to charitable causes around the world.
    If anyone has videos or works with a NFP that wants to post videos, send an email to This is a great way to gain free publicity and raise awareness.

  4. Ken, thanks for the mention..Charitydocs is really beginning to take off....
    ps. in response to 'tims' comments..i was not impressed by the commercialized approach of horizons work...

  5. I'm trying to find out what is a resonable price to pay for a promotional video. I read somewhere $1,000 per minute. What is your professional opinion? And how do you know if the expense of the video will pay off in terms of donor acquisition and donations? Please advise.

  6. Marta, you might want to check out, our price is just $3000 for the entire video project, from conception to finished DVD and web compression, and that's for any length from 5-15 minutes...thanks Gary

  7. Knowing how to produce a nonprofit video is critical to its success. However understanding the various ways you can use video is as important to determine the best return on your investment. This blog has lots of information on nonprofit videos. I hope all see the info as useful. There are also links to various other video resources and information.

  8. Thanks for the info on DoGooder and I will certainly share it with my clients. For those in the Phila./NJ/Del area, we are also a media production company that only serves non-profit, arts and education communities -- most often for fundraising, education and gala purposes. It's always good to meet like minded people...

  9. Morgan Communications is a film production company serving nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are passionate about telling your story with highly effective fundraising videos. We work with all budgets. Please visit Thanks!

  10. Videos are instrumental in today's media age to help any non-profit succeed. People don't want to read or look at pictures...they want to see positive transformation in a quality video. Check out all of our work at

  11. I'll throw my self-promoting hat into the ring, too. There is no boilerplate for what works for your organization, but flexibility and reasonable budgets from the video production company are key for a successful promotional piece. We work all around the world and are much lower in price than other production companies. This is what we love to do. Feel free to contact us at