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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mission Paradox

I am a member of the Nonprofit Blog Exchange - a group of nonprofit bloggers who try to promote each other's work as resources for the nonprofit community online. As part of that exchange, we occasionally post reviews of each other's web sites.

Today I'd like to introduce you to the Mission Paradox Blog of Adam Thurman. Mr. Thurman is a consultant, writer, speaker, professor, and a self-described nonprofit "provocateur" so you know you will always find something interesting and different on his blog.

The particular post I'd like to direct you to is one that all too many of us need a refresher on from time to time: Talking About Your Mission. His first hint is to "Translate your mission into a language everyone can understand." I fully agree. Whenever I work with a group on a mission statement I fight hard to keep them from filling it with jargon and technical terms that only other nonprofits get. Are people confused by your mission? Maybe that's part of your problem. As Thurman writes, "Confused people don't give."

To find out Mr. Thurman's other tips on talking about your mission, visit this posting at his blog, and don't forget to check for new posts as well.

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  1. I've been a regular participant in the Non Profit Blog Exchange and thank you for participating. I think these do a great job of introducing people to others they might not know.

    I'm trying to take this a step further, and connect bloggers who are involved with volunteer based tutoring/mentoring, either from a leader, volunteer or student or from a donor, researcher, or business partner perspective.

    I host a face to face conference in May and November, so my goal is to have tutor/mentor blog exchanges during the same time frames. Any help you and your network might give to help me do this would be appreciated.