Ken Goldstein, MPPA

Ken Goldstein has been working in nonprofits and local government agencies from Santa Cruz, to Sacramento, and back to Silicon Valley, since 1989. He's been staff, volunteer, board member, executive director, and, since 2003, a consultant to local nonprofit organizations. For more on Ken's background, click here. If you are interested in retaining Ken's services, you may contact him at ken at


I am able to help your nonprofit with:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
  • Fundraising and Nonprofit Management Training
  • Grant Proposal Review & Critique Services
  • Interim CEO/Executive Director
  • General Management Consulting
  • Mergers and Strategic Alliances
  • New Media / Social Networking
Please see my full site at for more details.


I generally charge an hourly rate for most services, flat project rates can be negotiated. Rates are fair and competitive and take organizational size and budget into consideration.

Geographic Limitations:

For most consulting assignments, the work must done locally to Silicon Valley, Monterey Bay, or SF Bay Areas. Trainings, single-day facilitation assignments, and short-term projects outside this region may incur additional travel costs.

Larger Projects:

For larger projects, requiring the services of multiple consultants, I am a part of the Fund Builders Alliance. FBA members bring additional skills and expertise that we may draw upon as needed.

For more information:

Please contact me at ken (at) goldstein(dot)net or phone me at 408.396.3677 to discuss your needs.