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Ken Goldstein has been working in nonprofits and local government agencies from Santa Cruz, to Sacramento, and back to Silicon Valley, since 1989. He's been staff, volunteer, board member, executive director, and, since 2003, a consultant to local nonprofit organizations. For more on Ken's background, click here. If you are interested in retaining Ken's services, you may contact him at ken at

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Blog for Nonprofit Fundraising Tips

This is the debut posting of my new "Nonprofit Consultant Blog." I intend to use this space for fundraising tips, grant writing information, and general nonprofit resources news and links.

I welcome you to the blog, and to my web site. Until there are more resources posted here, I invite you to click around my web site ( and learn about my consulting and grant writing services.

I am a sole practitioner firm, and give personal attention to all my clients. When you contract with me, you will not be handed over to a junior associate or intern.


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