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Friday, March 31, 2006

Grant Wrangler

Today I wanted to share a resource that came to my attention by email. Holly Micheletos of "Grant Wrangler" contacted me and introduced me to the site.

I thought it was a pretty well organized site for those searching for grants for schools and teachers. I found the search feature easy to use, with clear categories, and an interface that loaded quickly without a lot of un-related information getting in the way. Here's what the site is about in Holly's own words:

Grant Wrangler: A Grant Index for Teachers

"Grant Wrangler is a grants listing service offered by Nimble Press at no charge. We make it easier for teachers to search for grants by subject area, grade level, or grant name. With more than $11.5 million in grants listed, our goal is to help more schools find funding for all areas of learning and growth for K-12 education. To search for the latest classroom and teacher grants or sign up for our monthly Grant Wrangler Bulletin, go to"

"Grant Wrangler" is the brainchild of Karen Henke, who has also developed an online grant application and management system, "Nimble Net," for grant-giving organizations.

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