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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Raising More Money

We all want to raise more money, that's obvious. So "Raising More Money" (RMM) seems like a great name for a fundraising company. And it is. RMM has a very specific method and strategy for helping nonprofits build their base of individual donors, and make it a sustainable and growing effort.

Their system involves having regular, free, "point-of-entry" (POE) events where you introduce your organization to potential supporters. At these POEs you do not ask for money. You simply get them interested, and in the loop (volunteering, on the mailing list, etc.).

The ask comes only at the annual event - also free - which RMM's system will help you script out to the minute. Really, their books explain the impact of every second of your presentation and how to time it for the maximum impact and giving.

It's a wonderful system, and I know lots of organizations that have used it successfully. It's also time consuming, can involve a large investment, and may not be right for every group. Also, in some areas, there are already so many nonprofits using the system that donors may be tiring of it.

Still, even if their full system isn't right for your group's needs, it's still worth checking out and seeing what they have to offer.

Going to one of their three-day seminars or hiring them as consultant can run you some bucks, but, luckily, they offer free introductory workshops where you can learn about the system, maybe buy one of their books, and decide for yourself if it's the correct approach.

Whether or not you go with their full RMM system, I do believe that every organization can learn from what they have to offer, and should take advantage of the free session to learn a tip or two, and - hopefully - raise some more money.

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