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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Grant Opportunities Resource

All grant opportunity research can be divided into two general categories: passive or active. When I have a new client or project that needs funding, I go into active mode, which includes specific searches in various databases and web sites for particular keywords. Today, however, I want to talk a little bit about passive prospecting, and one of my favorite resources.

Passive research is the term I use to describe the items that come to me automatically, without my having to search for them. The most typical type of passive research is newsletters. I'm reminded to post about this because one of my favorites arrived in my email box yesterday. It is Don Griesmann's Grant Opportunities, from Charity Channel. You can read it on their web site (active), or subscribe to the weekly email (passive).

Each week Don comes up with more than a dozen newly researched funders, with a good summary of their guidelines, and what they are looking for. Obviously they won't all be a good fit for your nonprofit. Some weeks you may not get any good leads from it at all. But when you do... well, it makes it all worthwhile. Over the years, Don's tips have resulted in several new funders for the organizations that I have worked for.

Charity Channel also has many other excellent resources, both on their site and by email subscription. Subscribing is not free, but it is very reasonable, and on the honor system.

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