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Thursday, March 13, 2008

National Volunteer Week is Coming...

volunteers are beautiful people - let your inner beauty shine; volunteer

National Volunteer Week is coming up this April 27-May 3. It's the biggest volunteering event on the calendar, and it's a great opportunity for you to encourage socially minded folks (like your organization's supporters) to participate in local activities.

Head on over to the VolunteerMatch web site and read the press release to find out more about National Volunteer Week, and how your nonprofit can tie into this promotion.
“National Volunteer Week is a terrific opportunity to harness the growing, nationwide surge in volunteerism,” said Greg Baldwin, president of VolunteerMatch. “It affords a chance for individuals to reach out and discover fun and meaningful volunteer activities in their own neighborhoods.”
VolunteerMatch is helping transform the landscape of nonprofit outreach—connecting good people directly with good causes, and providing access to an entirely new generation of volunteers who are eager to contribute. Since 1998, volunteers have generated just over 3.4 million matches to the 56,784 local nonprofits registered with VolunteerMatch.
On a personal note, I generally do not use my blog to simply edit and repost press releases I receive in my email (if I did, I'd be posting three or four blogs a day). When I do pass along information from a press release it is because it is an organization or a cause that I believe in and find value in.

I have used VolunteerMatch to find volunteers for several nonprofit organizations and have found it easy to use and highly effective in recruiting quality volunteers. If you can possibly use the theme of National Volunteer Week in your recruitment efforts, I think you will find it well worth your effort.


  1. Hi Ken and readers,

    Thanks for focusing some attention on National Volunteer Week!

    Here at VolunteerMatch, our focus is always on how nonprofits can not only recruit volunteers more effectively, but how they can grow and sustain a relationship with individuals in the community who share the same mission.

    To the extent that can help connect these two communities, we're really a social networking hub -- and events like NVW become promotional periods that can kick start activities leading to connection.

    Thanks again,
    Robert Rosenthal
    VolunteerMatch Team