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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Free Management Library

Here's a great resource that I've had in my bookmarks for years. It's the Free Management Library assembled by Carter McNamara of Authenticity Consulting. The library contains links to articles on over 675 topics, neatly divided into 75 categories.

Much of the management information is applicable to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations and for those areas where each sector requires a different approach (such as Finances or Fundraising) they've included separate topic headings for nonprofit users.

Some of the most useful information, however, is from the general categories, including resources for employee-employer issues, facilities management, and ideas to motivate board committees to accomplish their tasks.

Because of the sheer volume of links included there are a few that lead to long-gone web sites. I'm sure the task of keeping up with updating the links is quite daunting. Still, a few "401: Page Not Found" errors don't take away from the tremendous work done here to assemble the best management resources in one place.

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