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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Network Neutrality for Nonprofits

From previous posts you already know that I am a big believer in the power of the Internet (web and email) for low-cost, high-return nonprofit communications. Unfortunately, current pending legislation in Congress could threaten your easy access to web users looking for information about your organization's mission.

Visit for more detailed information, but the potential changes would give the large media companies the ability to limit what their customers see to those content providers that have paid for that access. (I.E.: If you don't pay a fee to AT&T, users who use them to get online won't be able to get to your web site). An amendment to maintain the concept of "Network Neutrality" (equal access) has already been defeated.

This is not a party-line vote. Groups on the left and the right are joined together in fighting this attack on the first amendment in the name of commerce. Please check the link, read up on the issue, and do what you can (as individuals, and as organizations) to preserve "Network Neutrality." Or be prepared to increase your online marketing budget.

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