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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Giving and Communications

Here are some great statistics I just came across on the web:

Why people give money
  • 60% will give when asked by someone they know well
  • 40-50% will give to a fundraiser when asked by a colleague at work
  • 10-20% will give to a cause they learn about from news media (print, radio, TV, telethons)
  • Fewer than 10% will give when solicited by a stranger at the door, on the phone, in print ads, or from letters
- Gilmore Research for Washington Gives

I found that on the web site of Good News/Good Deeds: Citizen Effectiveness in the Age of Electronic Democracy. The main focus of this online report is communications and better linkages between the nonprofit sector, the media, and new technology.

Here's some more food for thought from the report: "Not-for-profits are usually passionate about their work. Such fervor is guaranteed to raise the eyebrow of any journalist who has been trained in the fine art of skepticism."

Read the report on their site or download it as a PDF to find out what they think you should do about that problem and others, such as the sectors weak sense of identity. The report was written for and about the Pacific Northwest (specifically, the Puget Sound area), but most of it is relevant to organizations everywhere.

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